Frequently asked questions

Do you allow people out on the farm to pick their own tree?

Unfortunately, this year for 2020 we will not be able to facilitate this experience. HOWEVER, there will be plenty of Pre-Cut Trees available for choosing! The option for choosing from the farm will be available again from 2021 onwards !

Do you accept Eftpos/Credit Card?

Willy's Christmas Tree Farm does not currently offer Eftpos/Credit Card payment options. CASH ONLY.

Are there Delivery Options if I can’t get to the farm?

Rudolph's Run can help you out with all Christmas Tree Deliveries. CALL 0410 211 122 or email to enquire! Website:

What do I do with my Christmas Tree after the Christmas Season is finished?

Rudolphs Run can help you recycle your trees after the season. Click here to visit their site!

How do I care for my Christmas Tree at home?

Please see our Care Tips Page for more info!

Is this business registered as a Covid-Safe business?

Yes! Willy's Christmas Tree Farm is officially registered as a Covid-safe business through the NSW Government website. We will be implementing what we can at our farm to ensure the community stays Covid-Safe whilst visiting!