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Caring for your Willy's Christmas Tree

We take pride in our Christmas Trees and we want to ensure you get the best out of your Tree! 

It is so important to care for your tree correctly, as soon as you leave the farm! Take a look at our tips to care for your tree below:

If you are not setting the Tree up straight away, store it in water in a cool, sheltered place, until you are ready to decorate it.

When setting up the tree, make a fresh 1cm cut from the base of the trunk and place the tree directly into your sturdy Willy’s Christmas Tree Stand. Ensure the stand has been filled ¾ with water.

Ensure your Willy’s Christmas Tree has been set up away from any source of heat. This includes TV’s, heaters, sunlit windows, aircon vents, etc. as these will speed up evaporation and moisture loss of tree.

You do not need commercially prepared mixes (aspirin, lemonade, sugar, and other additives added to water). Research has shown that plenty of fresh water will keep a tree healthy and happy. 

Ensure you top up your water at least every second day, if not every day, to make certain your stand/bucket is always ¾ full at all times. This will maintain freshness and guarantee your thirsty Christmas Tree will feel taken care of throughout the Christmas Period!

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